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I never expected a rapid service like this, that too in a city with so much traffic everywhere! It’s like a prayer being aceepted. Hat’s off to the guys working so hard in between this much traffic everywhere.
Quick Hyderabad courier service is rare. Hats Off to these guys for providing their services to our company. It’s just more than half of work done for our company. Great Startup idea and providing as promised service.

Amazing Service! My Package was Delivered as Promised and you can’t expect more quick service in 2 Hours. It seems impossible to go from one corner of Hyderabad to other within a couple of hours, but they do.

Careers Guru

Meraj Akhtar
All JNTU World

Sai Ramesh
Vix Space

family size 30,000+

total riders 50+

orders delivered 55,000+


Holidays around the corner.
5 ways Ezshipp makes your life easier.

With the holiday season around the corner, thousands of people across Hyderabad will be sending and receiving packages of all shapes and sizes. Without delivery drivers, where would we be?

Something for those
who deliver happiness

Delivery riders are the unsung heroes of the holiday season. Our riders ensure that the packages we send to loved ones arrive safely at their destinations—and the packages

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