6 Delivery terms Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Are you a small business owner depending on third-party delivery service for your shipping services? Have you ever come across an unfamiliar terminology? Like many fields, delivery services too have their own set of jargon which is likely to create confusion among the people using their services. Being a business owner, it is mandatory for you to be familiar with the basic terminology. Knowing this unique lingo will help you communicate more effectively with your delivery partners.

1. Hazmat: It is a short-form for hazardous materials. They are essentially any material that could cause potential harm while transporting. Special permissions are required from all parties involved to legally transport hazardous materials.

2. Third-Party Logistics: This term is used when delivery services are outsourced through a third-party.

3. Parcel Service Failure: With a parcel failure refund service, the customer will be able to claim refund or compensation for lost or late deliveries.

4. Expedited delivery: An expedited delivery is a prioritized delivery over others. In most cases, it costs more than the usual delivery.

5. Man in a van service: With this service, one can opt for uniformed drivers who soon become familiar with the business and maintain professionalism. The delivery person will take all the load for you, literally.

6. Less than truckload service: This service gives an option to the business owners to share the truck space with multiple shippers. This is a cost-effective option when you have smaller packages and don’t need an entire truck for yourself.

Now that you know the basic delivery terms, you can communicate with your delivery partner more clearly and describe your needs accurately. If and when in doubt, choose Ezshipp for an affordable and effective delivery service.