Know the 5 rules of safe parcel delivery

No one likes receiving a parcel that is damaged or at a wrong location. Be it a business owner or third-party delivery service, ensuring the safety of the parcel must always be a priority.

How same day delivery can re-energize your customer experience?

The number of consumers expecting same day delivery…..

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6 Delivery terms Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Are you a small business owner depending on third-party delivery service for your shipping services? Have you ever come across an unfamiliar terminology?

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Why choose Ezshipp for your deliveries within Hyderabad?

Owing to a busy schedule, many people rely on e-commerce websites for their everyday needs. Speedy shipping is no more a luxury but has become a requirement.

Holidays around the corner.
5 ways Ezshipp makes your life easier.

With the holiday season around the corner, thousands of people across Hyderabad will be sending and receiving packages of all shapes and sizes. Without delivery drivers, where would we be?

Something for those
who deliver happiness

Delivery riders are the unsung heroes of the holiday season. Our riders ensure that the packages we send to loved ones arrive safely at their destinations—and the packages

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