What is Ezshipp?

If you are thinking to deliver or pick up anything within Hyderabad, think Ezshipp. It is the easiest and most economical way to get your things delivered within Hyderabad without stepping out of the house.

Ezshipp has made intracity deliveries simpler than ever. Deliver almost anything – clothes, documents, keys, laptop, and even food – from one place to another in Hyderabad in just a few clicks.

It is as convenient as having your own delivery boy a click/call away.

What can I deliver through Ezshipp?

Ezshipp can deliver documents, food, clothes, jewellery, gifts, cosmetics and your mom’s home cooked meal too. Name it and we can deliver it!

What items you don’t deliver?

We don’t deliver cash and other forbidden substances, as listed under Terms & Conditions and Delivery Policies.

Which locations do you serve?

Our love for Hyderabad made Hyderabad and Secunderabad (within ORR limits) our first full-service city. However, we deliver at select location outside ORR limits, such as Gandipet.

How are the items insured?

Unfortunately, there is no insurance provider that provides insurance for a short delivery period. However, we take utmost care in delivering your goods with bags. In case of damage during the delivery, Ezshipp pays up to Rs.2000.

What happens if my item is not delivered in time?

Ezshipp tries to deliver within the committed timeline. However, unforeseen situations such as traffic conditions or sever rains can cause delays. Ezshipp refunds 50% of the delivery fee in case of delivery delays.

Can I send fragile things?

Safely wrap any fragile items in a bubble wrap, and we will be happy to deliver. Wrapping safely will prevent any Oops situation.

How much can a delivery package weigh?

Your package can weigh up to 3 kilograms. However, heavier items delivered for an additional fee of Rs. 25/kilogram.

How do I modify or cancel an order?

Change of pickup and delivery address can be made only before the biker arrives at the pickup point. To change the address, cancel the order, or request a new pickup, you can reach our customer service team at +91 70661 14499.

My business needs delivery services. How can you help me?

Power your business with Ezshipp’s express intra-city deliveries and accelerate your business growth by reaching to your customers anywhere in Hyderabad. Ezshipp has been helping various business across domains such as food & beverages, fashion, boutiques, florists, cosmetics, jewellery, healthcare and pharmacy.
Get in touch with our experts to understand how Ezshipp can help you deliver better.

For any further queries, reach us at +91 70661 14499 or drop an email to contact@ezshipp.com.