Something for those who deliver happiness

Delivery riders are the unsung heroes of the holiday season. Our riders ensure that the packages we send to loved ones arrive safely at their destinations—and the packages they send to us appear on our doorsteps in pristine condition. Doesn’t it almost seems like magic.

But there’s no magic involved—just the hard work of delivery drivers. The average delivery driver’s workload will double or even triple during the holiday season. These are long, labor-intensive days also involves winter weather and holiday traffic. It just takes a few simple actions to show your delivery driver that you care about their safety and appreciate their work.

1. Turn on the lights: If you have outdoor lights, turn them on as soon as the sun starts to set. This helps the rider to spot the right address and save him from fumbling around with your package in hand.

2. Be Home: Ezshipp app lets you know the time of arrival of your package. Please ensure you are home to collect your package or let the rider know the next person to contact if unavailable.

3. Keep it ready: If you have a package to be delivered, ensure that it’s properly packaged, labeled, and waiting on your desktop or table for easy pick-up by the driver. The quicker he picks up your package, the quicker he’ll deliver it.

4. Keep your pets at bay: Who doesn’t love pets around, and sure they are super adorable and friendly. However, the riders may not be familiar with pets and can make them nervous.

5. Share your love: A warm ‘Thank You’, topped with a smile goes a long way in making the riders feel appreciated.

Have a blessed holiday season!